Maureen H.

I had known of Nancy’s work for many years but had never taken advantage of her services because I live far away from her and I was unaware of her ability to work long distance. Recently I had bilateral knee replacement which caused me considerable pain and anxiety. During my hospital/rehab stay I was essentially bedridden, yet unable to sleep well. Nancy reached out and offered to work long distance and with her help, I got my first full night’s rest. She did several other long distance sessions to help encourage the healing of my legs. After each session I experienced pain relief, a calming of the spasms in my legs, and a reduction in anxiety. I am very grateful for her efforts. I would encourage others to try long distance sessions with Nancy.

Maureen H., Trenton, NJ

Meaghan Q.

I had a wonderful experience working with Nancy. We tried out long distance healing sessions as I am based in Wilmington, DE and she is in Chicago. This was my first experience with long distance healing and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Nancy spent a good amount of time talking and discussing, via FaceTime, what I felt I needed to heal before the actual treatment began. She has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease, as if you were just catching up with an old friend. One of the first things I noticed about Nancy was her passion to help others. She also introduced me to Bach flowers and sent me my own personal recipe to help heal the emotional areas we discussed. The sessions I had with Nancy sparked a vibrational shift within me and I still feel the continuing effects of our sessions. I am forever grateful for this amazing experience I had and would recommend Nancy all.

Meaghan Q., Wilmington, DE

Lisa G.

Nancy is truly a gifted healer. She provides energy healing with grounded advice, recommendations, and exercises that I can practice on my own. I live with anxiety and have, in the past, sought both mainstream and alternative therapy. Each session I’ve had this year with Nancy I walked away feeling not just calmer and relaxed, but also better informed of how energy is at the crux of our physical, psychological, and emotional conditions. Nancy listens with warmth, kindness, and is armed with a wealth of knowledge and methods. I highly recommend Nancy. I am thankful for her help and will continue to seek healing sessions with her.

Lisa G., Chicago, IL

Michelle P.

I don’t even know where to begin. My sessions with Nancy have changed my life in so many ways and have been nothing short of a miracle.

I had been suffering from depression and awful anxiety for many years. In addition, I had many physical ailments due to a severely under-active thyroid condition that has plagued me for many years. My thyroid issues had affected my heart as well as causing me to pass out and have horrible dizzy spells. I have also not been able to sleep well and basically every night I was waking up from anxiety attacks and had been unable to fall asleep. It had been years since I had felt “normal” and function like most people. I still got up every day and managed to go to work and do all the everyday chores I needed to. It was never easy though and took everything I had, just to do what most people would consider normal everyday activities.

My first session with Nancy in itself was eye opening and amazing. We had went through some of my issues talked for a little bit so Nancy could get some insight based on my feelings. We went through some tapping exercises as well as some self-talk I needed to do as well. While we were performing these exercises I actually started to feel a calmness I hadn’t felt in so many years. Then Nancy performed the distance healing while I laid down comfortably. We hung up our Face Time call and Nancy instructed me to continue to lay down and just try to relax as much as I could for 30-45 minutes. During this time, I felt my body become warm and the warmth spread throughout my body. I started to feel as if I was “high” and I was incredibly relaxed and all the feelings of anxiety I struggled with seemed to dissipate. Nancy called me after and asked how I felt and I tried my best to explain how I felt. There were truly no words I could use to accurately describe how I felt. All I knew was I felt so good and relaxed and like a weight was lifted off me. Nancy gave me exercises to do nightly to work on my chakras that needed help and I religiously did them daily. I used the other techniques she showed me to combat my anxiety whenever I felt those waves of anxiety coming over me. Nancy had recommended some Bach Flower mixtures as well and I went and purchased those and used them as well. My dogs even benefitted from some rescue remedy in their water and they were more “chill”.

I continued to schedule more sessions with Nancy over the past few months and after each session, I would feel even better. As the days and weeks went on, I found myself sleeping again and realized that my anxiety had been disappearing more and more each day. I was no longer feeling so much anxiety, that it took everything I had just to leave the house. Everyday chores that seemed so impossible to do, were now things I just did. All the homework exercises Nancy gave me, I continued to do as well. There was no way I wasn’t going to listen to what she recommended and I embraced them all.

Here I am a few months later and everything is completely different in the most positive way I can imagine. My thyroid issues have improved thanks to Nancy’s sessions and recommendations (also found a great endocrinologist), my heart issues have improved, my anxiety is at a normal level and I am sleeping much better and not having panic attacks in my sleep.

Nancy, I cannot thank you enough and you are truly gifted and intuitive.

Michelle P., Phoenix, AZ

Justine S.

“I had never heard of Bach flower remedies before speaking with Nancy about it. My young son was suffering from extreme anxiety, focused on various fears. While we had worked with him on his coping skills, they were no longer enough. Not only did Nancy create a very helpful, custom remedy that met my son’s specific needs, she also spent significant time speaking with me about his situation, to ensure she fully understood his needs and could help him. She cares deeply about her clients and wants to do all that she can to bring peace to their lives. I am forever grateful to Nancy, her knowledge in this area of holistic care, and her caring nature that tremendously helped my son.”

Justine S., Chicago, IL

Sarah C. Dublin

“I had a very positive experience working with Nancy to help ease pains I was having with my back. I was always totally comfortable with Nancy and felt she had a natural ability to heal. In addition, I always had the utmost trust and confidence in her expertise and abilities, which is very important for me when working with people. Nancy did an energy session with me, and recommended that I followed up with some individualised Bach flower remedies. The results were gentle and subtle, but they had a very positive impact on my life, in that the back pain was reduced and I felt more relaxed. I would highly recommend Nancy for anyone looking to improve physically and/or emotionally.” 

Sarah C., Dublin, Ireland