My Story

I sensed my intuition when I was quite young. A friend would come to mind and later that day when I would return home, I would find a message that they had called. Like many of us, I ignored this or passed it off as a “coinky dink."

One day many years ago, I was driving northbound on a local highway. As I approached a toll booth, I had a very strong sense of the nearness of a friend. I noted the time and the next day, I called my friend to tell her I was thinking of her and why. She confirmed that she was indeed nearby at that moment heading southbound on the same highway!

Likewise, I have felt energy in my hands most of my life. As a young adult, I realized I could help friends by holding my palms in front of and in back of them. I would move my hands along their spine until I felt a cold spot or a change in energy. At this point in my life, I knew nothing about auras, chakras or meridians. But I listened when my friends reported how much better they felt after I had worked with them. However, the intuition and energy I experienced frightened me, so I told few people about this skill and pursued a traditional career.

An unresolved back injury led me to a chiropractor who was the first person (outside of a close circle of friends) that I told about the energy I felt in my hands. He smiled warmly at me and said, “You need to talk with my teacher.” That led me to work for several years with Jacque Metheany, an ordained minister, spiritual teacher and healer. She taught me much about energetic and spiritual healing. Again, I became afraid and returned to a “safe, sensible acceptable” career.

In 2001, I knew I needed to make a change. I signed up for a 2-year evening program studying clinical massage therapy. I did this to learn the anatomical names for what I energetically sensed. And I wanted to be legally licensed to work with people in a healing capacity. I was nervous about completing the intense curriculum while working full time. I wasn’t even sure if this was the right step. But I knew I needed a shift. So, I asked for a sign and I got one! I was laid off from my job 2 days before the course began. This change in circumstances meant that I could go full time to the program and complete it in 10 months. It also opened the door to many other opportunities.

From a financial standpoint, I needed to get a steady revenue stream going as soon as possible. Once again, I returned to the accounting field. And I pursued my passionate work in my free time.

During the ensuing years, I continued to expand my knowledge of energy-based healing systems. I mastered the Bach Flower education program overseen by the Bach Centre of Mount Vernon England and am listed on the International Registry of Bach Flower Practitioners. I am proud to be one of less than 175 BFRPs in the USA and one of thousands worldwide. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and have studied the gentle and profound Healing Touch and Craniosacral Therapy systems.

All of this has led me to where I am today. Over the last few years, I strengthened my focus on my passionate work by increasing my knowledge and growing my business. While I’ve enjoyed a successful career as a CFO of a national nonprofit, I was thrilled to move into this next chapter of my life. I placate my analytical side by doing business consulting for like minded people in the healing arts community and spend the rest of my time helping people like you experience and enhance their inner strength. I love to hear clients report back after a session that they felt calm or slept well or noticed an immediate reduction in pain levels.

And my radiant hands and full heart have never been happier!

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray” – Rumi